Location change

Sometimes I am required to change something in my drawings. Abitually these changes are minor, particularly on finished drawings. This time, instead, I was required to entirely change the location of a scene, on a finished page, taken from “Les Seigneurs de la Terre”, my new series for the french publisher Glénat, written by Fabien Rodhain. The problem was that divorce issues (the theme of the scene) in France take place in the judge office, and this was discovered after my drawing of a classic court hall.

This is the first version of the scene (click on the image to enlarge):

Divorzio - prima versione

And this is the final version, after the location change:

Divorzio - seconda versione

I had to redraw entirely a case, but the other ones required less work to adjust. We also had the possibility to add a balloon in the second case.

This is one example of the advantages in quality of work that the digital drawing has compared to the traditional ink&paper.