In Vino Veritas – Wine in Tuscany in the 90s

Da qualche parte tra Castagneto Carducci e Bolgheri
The new series I’m working on for the French publisher Glènat takes place in Tuscany, Italy. The writer is Corbeyran, with whom I’ve already worked with great satisfaction on “Zodiaque” for Delcourt.

The story is about two brothers: Lionello and Tessa Tomasini. Both work in the wine industry, but with a completely different approach to life and work.

The series is a spinoff from “Châteaux Bordeaux”, another series by Corbeyran, drawn by Espé and colored by Dimitri Fogolin.

The setting was wonderful to draw: the landscapes of Tuscany and Florence. The story is settled in the 90s (with a short prologue in 1969), so it was amusing to study clothes, architecture, furniture, vehicles… like in an historical comic book.

I just finished the album #1 (title: “Toscane”), it will be issued on semptember 3rd, with the colors of Paolo Francescutto – Gotem Studio.

This is the official page of book 1.