“Le Crépuscule de Tellure” volume 2 is in bookshops

Tellure tomo2 su amazon.fr

Since some days, in French bookshops you can find the volume 2 of “Le Crépuscule de Tellure” (title: “Le Duché de Richt”). It’s the second part (of three) of my series published in France by Soleil Editions. In this book the three heroes make a long journey across the mountains, which will lead them to the besieged capital of the Duchy of Richt. There are very different environments, from wide mountain landscapes to narrow secret passages. There are brave soldiers, bad guys, beautiful women, and battles of great armies. And the powerful colors by Paolo “Gomets” Francescutto.

I  had already posted a few pages on this site, here in particular.

You can buy the book through Amazon.