A matter of method

With the book “La Conjuration de Cluny” I defined somehow “a method” of work. I can’t say that I lacked method before, but it wasn’t so precise (I had many files and sheets everywhere!).

Here there are three images of the workflow on one page of “Le Crepuscule de Tellure”, my next book.

First of all I have to define the correct amount of cases, and build the “grid”, but I don’t have an image for that (just some sketches on paper). The other three phases are here:

1) Storyboard. After gathering all the photos and the documentation, I put the texts inside the cases and I make quick sketches of characters, positions… This phase is completely digital.

2) Pencil. The main backgrounds are inked directly (digitally), then I print the page and I draw characters and secondary backgrounds with pencil. I acquire the result with the scanner and I draw (digitally) balloons outside text.

3) Ink. Very little to say, just… inking (digitally). And putting away the texts on another file, just to make life easier for the colorist.

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